AT5118 Transportation Tag


The best RFID tag used on transportation around the world. Manufacture by TRANSCORE in Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A.

This product is also the North America standard for rail, truck and container RFID applications.

It replaces the AT5110 Transportation Tag and is encoded with the new AP4118 AEI Tag Programmer. It cannot be encoded with the AP4110 Tag Programmer.

The AT5118 tag is encoded (programmed) through the case, which means it does not have a programming port and does not require the removal and replacement of a tag case plug. The high temperature version of the tag is the AT5133.

The AT5118 Standard Temperature Tag is used primarily to identify transportation vehicles such as rail cars. This identification tag can store up to 20 alpha/numeric characters (120 bits) which are transmitted via radio frequency (RF 902 to 928 MHz) to an identification reader such as the AI1620 SmartPass reader.

Information can be encoded into the tag with an AP4118 Tag Programmer. Data in the tag can be changed up to 10,000 times.

Since this tag does not contain a battery, its life is estimated to be over 300 years.

As with our other passive (non-battery) tags, the AT5118 tag can be read at speeds of up to 70 mph and at distances of up to 20 feet, depending on the type of reader.

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