AT5133 High-Temperature Transportation Tag


The AT5133 High-Temperature Transportation Tag is a beam-powered, field disturbance device used in 915 MHz radio frequency (RF) band applications. It is packaged in a factory-sealed case, which makes this tag ideal for mounting on railcars, vehicle chassis, intermodal containers, or in any environment requiring a durable, weatherproof tag. The tag’s reflective outer coating improves its resistance to heat, making it ideal for use in environments subject to occasional high temperatures such as those found in railroad thaw sheds.

The tag’s mutual authentication feature uses hardware-based protection that is more difficult to compromise than software-only protection. Mutual authentication prevents unwanted data from being written to the tag’s protected memory space.

The tag can be factory-programmed, as specified by the customer, or user-programmed in the field using the AP4118 Rail Tag Programmer. The tag has extended data capacity of 1088 bits, including the 20 six-bit alphanumeric characters of data (120 bits) compatible with previous ATA/AAR read-only readers.

The AT5133 High-Temperature Transportation Tag is beam-powered (a small portion of the RF signal continually energizes the tag’s circuitry) so no internal battery is required. In addition to giving the tag an unlimited service life, this feature limits the tag’s range and reduces the possibility of cross-reads from nearby tags. System discretion is enhanced to within a 5- to 10-foot (1.5- to 3-meter) diameter reading area.

The tag contains electronically programmable circuitry activated by the RF beam, which is broadcast by a system antenna. The tag encodes the signal received from an Amtech-brand reader system with an identification number or a data message. The encoded signal reflects back (backscatters) to the Amtech® reader system. TransCore’s Amtech-brand readers — series AI1200, AI1300, AI1400, AI1600, eGo® 2000, 3000, and 4000, and the new Encompass® family of multiprotocol readers — can read the AT5133 High-Temperature Transportation Tag.

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