AT5910 Battery Powered Transportation Tag (substitutes AT5510)


The AT5910 Battery Powered Tag is used primarily to identify transportation vehicles such as containers, tractors and trailers. This identification tag can store up to 20 alpha/numeric characters (120 bits) which are transmitted via radio frequency (RF 845 to 950 MHz and 2400 to 2450 MHz) to an identification reader such as the AI1620 SmartPass reader.

Information can be encoded into the tag with a Tag Programmer. Data in the tag can be changed up to 10,000 times.

The advantage of this tag over the non-battery version is that it can be read at farther distances (over 35 feet), and it can be read in multiple frequency ranges. This makes the tag ideal for international use.

The battery life of this tag is 10 years. Batteries are not replaceable. The battery life is not dependent on the number of times the tag is read.

The AT5910 tag has a one year warranty.

AT5910 is the substitute of old AT5510


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