AT5549 End-of-Train Tag


The AT5549 Compact end-of-train (EOT) tag is a battery-powered radio frequency (RF) field

disturbance device used in railroad end-of-train devices.

The AT5549 tag encodes the signal received from an Amtech-brand reader system with an

identification number or a data message. The encoded signal is reflected (backscattered) back to the reader system.

The tag’s mutual authentication feature uses hardware-based protection that is more difficult

to compromise than software-only protection. Mutual authentication prevents unwanted data

from being written to the tag’s protected memory space.

The tag is field-programmed by the user using the AP4118 Rail Tag Programmer outfitted with a special programmer adapter.

The tag has extended data capacity of 1088 bits, including the 20 six-bit alphanumeric

characters of data (120 bits) compatible with previous ATA/AAR read-only readers.

Integral battery power improves the RF performance of the AT5549 tag, permitting reliable

performance at extended range or low power.

The AT5549 tag must be mounted on metal surfaces.

TransCore’s Amtech brand readers — series AI1200, AI1300, AI1400, AI1600, and the

Encompass® series of multiprotocol readers — can read the AT5549 tag.


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